LB 461

Title: Eliminate certificates of public convenience and necessity and permits for movers of household goods and carriers of railroad employees, provide a licensing process for such regulated motor carriers, and exempt motor carriers engaged in transportation related to agritourism from certain requirements
Author: Friesen


Date of introduction 01/18/2019
Referred to Transportation and Telecommunications Committee 01/23/2019
Notice of hearing for February 26, 2019 01/30/2019
Title printed. Carryover bill 01/08/2020
Placed on General File with AM2205 02/06/2020
Transportation and Telecommunications AM2205 filed 02/06/2020
Friesen priority bill 02/21/2020
Transportation and Telecommunications AM2205 adopted 03/03/2020
Friesen AM2716 filed 03/03/2020
Friesen AM2716 adopted 03/03/2020
Friesen AM2730 filed 03/03/2020
Friesen AM2730 adopted 03/03/2020
Advanced to Enrollment and Review Initial 03/03/2020
Placed on Select File with ER183 03/05/2020
Enrollment and Review ER183 filed 03/05/2020

Bill Text
01/19/2019 - LB 461 (Introduced) 01/19/2019 - LB 461 (Introduced)

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