LB 600

Title: Change provisions for the bridge to independence programs, the Nebraska Children's Commission membership and operations, case management for juvenile services, the Nebraska Health Care Cash Fund, and the Public Counsel
Author: Walz


Date of introduction 01/23/2019
Referred to Executive Board 01/25/2019
Notice of hearing for February 27, 2019 02/20/2019
Placed on General File 03/18/2019
Executive Board priority bill 03/19/2019
Bolz AM1241 filed 04/09/2019
Bolz AM1241 adopted 04/23/2019
Advanced to Enrollment and Review Initial 04/23/2019
Placed on Select File with ER92 04/29/2019
Enrollment and Review ER92 filed 04/29/2019
Bolz AM1483 filed 04/29/2019
Bolz AM1575 filed 05/02/2019
Enrollment and Review ER92 adopted 05/13/2019
Bolz AM1483 withdrawn 05/13/2019
Bolz AM1575 withdrawn 05/13/2019
Bolz AM1650 filed 05/13/2019
Bolz AM1650 adopted 05/13/2019
Advanced to Enrollment and Review for Engrossment 05/13/2019
Placed on Final Reading with ST23 05/14/2019
Dispensing of reading at large approved 05/23/2019
Passed on Final Reading with Emergency Clause 39-0-10 05/23/2019
President/Speaker signed 05/23/2019
Presented to Governor on May 23, 2019 05/24/2019
Approved by Governor on May 29, 2019 05/30/2019
Provisions/portions of LB330 amended into LB600 by AM1241 05/31/2019
Provisions/portions of LB332 amended into LB600 by AM1650 05/31/2019

Bill Text
05/31/2019 - LB 600 (Slip+Law) 05/15/2019 - LB 600 (Final+Reading) 01/24/2019 - LB 600 (Introduced)

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